wish they knew

I wish my teacher knew when I came home what I have to do calling my parents while I’m stuck wondering if my mom has cancer

dad not at home brother never coming home but my teacher doesn’t know that my teacher can’t feel that calling my mom stressing her out well guess what when I get to your class I’ma wear you out

for putting pressure on me which I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve I wish my teacher knew at high end restaurant I’m not first come first serve

and if they come to my house there would be no observe diagnose me with ADHD so the can observe me I’m more worried about getting aids or catching blades than sitting in your class and listing to teacher aids

I wish my teacher knew I wish my teacher knew use your imagination to peek into deep East Oakland call it the flatland guns spiting like a ceiling fan

I stand in class so you don’t look down on me look my coach in the eye he know he can count on me I’m sorry I’m not what you want to see and I’m not who you want me to be

but guess what I’m wonderful yeah I’m wonderful positivity wonderful now this second verse for my classmate spend 8 hours with me and don’t know if I ate dangerous of a single stories well this is what I create

made a bird house when I was 8 made it out of creates I wish you knew how I hard I had to fight to wake up damn near the middle of the night getting dressed before you even open you eyes in the library writing I wish my teacher knew wake up at four wish my teacher knew kissed my mom wish my teacher knew didn’t eat wish my teacher knew my pockets empty wish my teacher knew