Nan, By Our Lady Destiny  


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16/11/2016 12:50 pm  


"Nan. How shall I best remember you"
I will remember you as the nan
That all little girls dream of.
Gentle, loving and so very kind.
I will remember all the summer holidays
My cousin and I, spent with you as children.
I will remember the laughter
When you played with us.
You loved to take us to pick blackberries
On the Firehills.
Or perhaps a picnic on the beach.
I still recall the day
A crab nipped Pauline's toe.
I remember the nights when excitement kept us awake,
You used to come upstairs
Lay beside us on that old horse hair bed
Tell us your stories. that we so loved.
I will remember you, for the loving Grandma
That you always were.
You never had a bitter word for anyone
All who knew you loved you.
Nan. You were truly one of Gods earth Angels.
When I think of you.....
... I am that child again
Running bare foot through the grass
I can still smell the flowers in your garden
I close my eyes. I am there again.
This is how I will remember you Nan
Until I see you again".


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