Liquid Crystal: A New Beginning: By Shadow Angel  


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Liquid Crystal: A New Beginning

There, in the half-light, Crystal and Rolan, lay in the lush green of the glen, inebriated by the vision of the milky way as it snaked its fluent path across the sky, greeting their twilight skin. They were autumn company, in their ever breath connection, embracing the welcomed but gradual chill of the gloaming, as it whispered and teased the peaceful woods of Shallyn. Hands, held fast to the quickening of night, Crystal, wrapped herself in the beauty of the valley, the stars, her beloved mother’s garment…and just beyond the Glen, waited Crystal’s faithful guardian, winged protector – a beautiful dragon called Odyn, her companion since childhood, a gift from her mother.

Lady Morrielle of Shallyn, wisewoman & healer of her people - affectionately known as the tree dwellers of the Big Green - had raised her gifted daughter, Crystal, in the paperless traditions of the ancient ways. Home, a beautiful, and secret waterfall sanctuary, splashes…hidden behind an icy blue veil, the window to their peaceful world…peaceful, until the crying day, when Morrielle was hunted down and killed by the horsemen of the dark dominions, the Outerlands.

Numb with grief, Crystal was left to take Morrielle’s place…and she learned to work her magick in the afterlight, as her mother had done before her, moving in stealth mode to bring healing, and natural remedies to her people. Odyn, being the majestic and magickal creature he is, could fabricate the perfect cover for the sacred space, called home - after all, he is not a fire breathing dragon, he rises, wetly wonderful, from the lagoon, each morning, to refresh the veil of thickening fog he surrounds his precious Crystal, and her home, with. Never reckless as to lacerate his creation with his mighty wings, Odyn would fly, thrice around Lady Morrielle’s grotto, and draw a deep and powerful breath, exhaling an enormously dense and magickal mist, protecting his charge.

Today, however, would be a day for fun…and Rolan had been waiting since late afternoon. Rolan, a tree dweller, from deep in the woods, and Crystal’s dearest friend since the smiling, sizzle days, which is a story in itself, though perhaps I shall save that one, for another time. They would meet on the Tor in the Valley of Shadows, a safe haven for the two since childhood, free from the pressure of daily life. There, in the sacred Ring of Willows, was the exclusivity they had made their own through the years…for, maintaining contact was as much a part of living, as breathing. Beneath the pregnant mother moon, they would lay, long into the night, side by side, watching the stars come out to play, though, ever mindful of the foreboding threat from the Outerlands.

The Valley of Shadows, was breathtaking in the owl-light, as Odyn’s mist, draped the valley, for their protection. It was a curious kind of magic, a mist so thick that to the outside world, the Valley of Shadows simply did not exist, yet, from within its protection, you could see all of Shallyn…and it was there, that Crystal and Rolan were truly free. From within the un-tainted Ring of Willows and the warm serenity of the valley, they would chronicle their existence, cementing each, forever, in the other’s soul…yet, both knowing that just beyond the new brightening, was another ordinary day, or perhaps, another extraordinary adventure. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we…


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