A Christmas Story: By Destiny Lady of the Mansion  


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A Christmas Story

Just two days until Christmas, Ross sat back in the easy chair, located in his office and sighed…Another year almost over. But this one had been so different from the rest.
In March his father had died in an automobile accident. Just three short months later he buried his mother.
Had it been an accident or had she deliberately jumped from the cliff top at Bluff Walk? Ross would never know. His parents idolised each other.
He remembered back to the pact they had made one night while watching TV. They hadn’t known Ross was listening.
Each swore in turn that who ever died first, the other would follow soon after.
Ross believed his parents could not be separated. That his mother had followed his father to the grave of her own free will. That somewhere in the here-after, they were together and happy.

How wrong could a son be…Beth Mackenzie sighed from her seat on the filing desk. Gently shaking her head, as her son wiped away a tear that had formed in the corner of his eye.

What on earth had possessed her to take a walk that morning, hadn’t Phil warned her so many times before his untimely death, of the hazards of taking a walk on the Bluff. Especially after a night of heavy rain. She had simply lost her footing on some loose stones and plain and simply slipped over the edge.

Next thing she knew, here she was on the other side. Not that she actually felt any different. Younger perhaps, no aches and pains. True she had a white gown, but there were no wings or halo. Then again she had not finished her journey, she had passed through a tunnel, well half way through, when she heard a voice telling her she had to go back, in an ethereal form to help her son who was in severe trouble and about to take his own life, way before it was his alloted time
So here she was.

Ross poured himself a large double malt from a decanter on his desk. Then he opened up his desk drawer and took out a bottle of pills.
God he was so lonely. He had worked himself hard over the last two and a half years. Built up quite an empire, what was the use of money, security and a large house in the suburbs, if you had no one to share it with.

He was about to pop a handful of the pills into his mouth, when a strong breeze blew the paperwork clean off his desk. Next the picture of his parents taken two summers ago, on a camping trip crashed to the floor, from a shelf on the opposite wall.
Strange, Ross thought, he felt no draft the windows were all firmly closed, not even an idiot would have a window open in this weather. He shrugged his shoulders, maybe someone from another part of the building had come in or gone out of the front door and it had caused a draft after all. Hell! What was he thinking of anyway. He gathered up the concoction of pills, flushed them down the loo, poured the bourbon down the sink, before stripping off his clothes and turning on the shower. Ross let the water wash away the thoughts of what had been about to do, this time he had prevented it, next time he would not be such a coward.
He needed air, He hurridly dried himself, dressed, grabbed his old faithful Parker coat of the hook, pulling the hood up over his still damp hair, opened the door and slammed it behind him.

That had been a near thing, Beth gasped, forgetting for a moment that she was no longer mortal and could not be hurt or damaged in any way from standing to close to slamming doors. Time was not on her side how ever, she had to work fast. It was almost midnight, almost Christmas Eve.

Ross reached in his pocket for his car keys, fumbled for a few seconds. Dam! He had been sure he had left them in his pocket. He slammed his hands down on the roof of the car. It had been snowing on and off all day. The sight that greeted him when he walked out of the office was white, all over white and cold, damn cold, but magically beautiful.

Some unknown urge, compelled him to take a walk in the park and not go back to his Office in search of his illusive car keys. The park was empty, bereft of the usual occasional drunk crashed out on the benches around its perimeters.
Ross walked a while trudging through the virgin snow, There was a kind of childish satisfaction in being the first to leave footprints behind him, a carpet of pure white in front, that looked like he was walking amongst glistening clouds. He imagined Heaven must look something like this.
He came to a clearing, an open area surrounded by trees heavily laden in their blanket of snow. In the centre of the clearing a lake, frozen under a thick layer of sparkling frosted ice, which covered its entire surface…It must have been full moon, for Ross could see clearly the hauntingly beautiful sight before his eyes.
There upon her frozen stage a beautiful girl, was dancing, no skating she was stunning her long blonde hair flowing behind her as she skimmed over the ice. There seemed to be a bright golden aura all around her. Probably a trick of the light Their eyes met and this ethereal like vision stopped skatting and faced him. She had the most beautiful smile Ross had ever seen, It lit up her face and made her look even more magical.
She was stunning. A Goddess? A Sprite? No an Angel…definitely
An Angel!
Ross walked towards her…never taking his eyes from hers.
One thing he knew for certain. He would never in his life, be alone again.

Beth Smiled……Looking skyward she whispered Job accomplished. Then wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and took one last look at her beloved son and his beautiful little Angel. It was love at first sight, for both of them, she had made quite sure of that fact.

Beth looked back and blew them a kiss from the top of the hill. My Christmas gift to you both is a long and happy life together. With that she turned and walked on...

Now if she hurried…she would just about make it in time. Christmas with Phil was always so perfect…and she needed to discuss Grand Children!!!


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