Angelina: By Destiny Lady Of the Mansion  


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I never knew my Mother
She died when I was small

But each night alone in my room
I’d gently kneel and pray
God bless my daddy
Don’t let him work to hard
And God bless my dog
Asleep out in the yard

And God if you know my mummy
Then please send her this kiss
I wish that she could cuddle me
Then I wouldn’t feel
Quite so alone as this

The years that passed were hard,
We hadn’t very much.
My daddy scrapped a living.
I never saw him much.
He went out really early
And got back rather late
But I knew that he loved me
So tears would have to wait. …

A faded picture of my mother
Was his most valued possession.
Dirty, tear stained, tattered, torn.
Agony and love in his every expression.
As he poured another whiskey
tears rolling down his cheek
He didn’t know from behind the door
I would often peek

Today, in the Kirk yard I met a lady
Standing by a rugged cross.
The epitaph read …
Here lies Angelina
Aged 21, her life she lost..

She was so beautiful, full of grace.
With long golden flowing hair
She wore a gown of pure white
And a smile that set your heart alight.

She gently placed in my hand
A small golden cross
Then, slowly she walked away.
Into a ray of bright sunlight.
I blinked, but she was gone.
My father passed a way that day.
A smile upon his lips..
A sense of peace surrounded him
I had never seen before.
The photo
That he’d so loved, was laying on the floor.

As I picked it up my heart skipped a beat.
It was the Lady I had seen
Smiling back at me.
Around her neck the same gold cross
That she had given me…
As I gently turned the picture over
I couldn’t believe my eyes .

It read…

Thank you my Darling,
For my little cross
I will treasure it for always,
Until our daughters grown.
Then I will pass it on to her.
When this horrid war is over,
We can be together for ever
Never more to be alone.

Love and kisses Angelina
Spring 1873..

My Mother had been 21!!!

Destiny July 08


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