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Welcome To The Poetry Mansion:

Resurrected from the embers of long ago lost fires, the passion, dedication and friendliness of our members will encourage and enlighten, minds from around the world.  Take a leisurely stroll around our many wonderfully themed rooms.  Introduce yourself in the Welcome Foyer, take time to read or review other members works, or perhaps you would like to post something of your own.  Just find a room that best fits the theme of your poem.  Wander into the study, why not enter one of the many competitions in progress.  Wherever you find yourself within our Poetry Mansion, have fun, relax by the fire.  We hope you decide to stay and become a member of the Poetry Mansion Family.

Destiny - Lady Of the Mansion

The Entrance Hall

Start by visiting here for: The Welcome Foyer, The Story Of The Mansion, Mansion Notice Board, and Admin Support for any Questions.

Visit The Hallway

Ground Floor

Visit the Kitchen for recipes, The Study, The Library For Short Stories, or the Grand Ballroom.

Visit The Ground Floor

The East Wing

Venture to the East Wing and visit The Hall Of Mirrors, the chamber of seasons, or the conservatory.  Read and review great works by your fellow members or even post your own works.

Visit The East Wing

The West Wing

Visit the school room, the Jesters Court to make you smile, The Children's Nursery or even the Ancient Chapel of Sweet Repose.

Visit The West Wing

The Mansions Stately Gardens

Stoll through the Rose garden, The Magical grotto, or The Wishing Well of Reflection. Venture through The Darklands and The Pets Playground.

The Stately Gardens

Beyond The Grand Stairway

Head towards The Romantic Boudior and allow your passions to rise.  Visit the Horror/Fantasy Room, or The Grey Room Of Crystal Tears & Sadness.

Venture Up The Stairs

Welcome Poets

So come on fellow poets, come and join the family, chat and discuss your works live with other members, post your works for others to read and review. Join in with the many competition and fun games, search through the rooms for your favourite genre's, and more importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF WITH OUR FAMILY!!

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